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Music and Storytelling

In a world where stories and music are mainly shared through digital devices, there is a profound need for live music and oral storytelling.

Anthropologists have long known that storytelling is a universal trait in every culture.  Many cultures seamlessly blend rhythm, music and storytelling into one.  Research shows that our brains are hardwired for story structure.  In observing the recent revival of storytelling, Bill Buford states "we need stories...they are a fundamental unit of knowledge, the foundation of memory, essential to the way we make sense of our lives." 

Jenn and Katie have organized their lives around music and storytelling:  in the coziness of their own homes with their own children; performing with handmade props and original music in their band up and down the West Coast; or teaching music to children through movement and stories in their community. 

They revel in the process of engaging children with live music, handmade puppets, props, and storytelling, and believe deeply in it's innate value.  Their hope is to inspire delight and evoke in children the desire to go out and reveal their own intrinsic creativity.

As Robert L. Lynch, President of Americans for the Arts declared,

"The arts help transform American communities and, as I often say, the result can be a better child, a better town, a better nation and certainly a better world."  

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