Our classes are geared toward children ages 0-9 but all ages are welcome!  Our live online weekly classes are 25 minutes long and filled with live music, singing, movement, and storytelling.  Below is a rough itinerary of what to expect in our classes.


-Storysong- our opening sing-along song

-Greeting Name Song (make sure you register at least 24 hours in advance so

we can include your child's name!)

-Deep listening exercise

-Our Dance/Movement Song

-Virtual Circle Time: we sing songs, play percussive instruments, move and dance, sing together,

and play games that include imitation and fine and gross motor skills

-Musical storytelling time-a short "play"- illustrated with music

-Musical performance referencing the story we just heard-this is a chance for

children to be exposed to something more like a live performance

-We quiet down with our deep listening exercise

-Goodbye Song

-Then we look forward to the next week!



6-Week Online Springsong Series

Wednesdays, 11-11:25 am

Starting on April 21st, SpringSong will stream live in a private Facebook group (video will remain posted until the following Wednesday class)

$10 a class or register for the series by April 14th to receive a 15% discount

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6- Week Series

Register by April 14th for 15% off

A number of ways online, including:


-Venmo, Google Wallet (Mary Nicholas, 206.661.3521)