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Jenn and Katie are music majors, schoolmates, and friends who share a love of music and composition. In the Fall of 2018, they embarked on an adventure that would allow them to share their deep love with others, and Storysong was born.

Besides performing music together, in shows, concerts and events across Washington, Jenn and Katie have taught music to children for decades in private classes and Montessori schools.  They especially love these early years, full of imagination and they delight in showing young children the magic of music!

Our love of live music

Live music is what sets Storysong apart.  Jenn and Katie both majored in music and have played together for over a decade.  They love playing guitar, violin, singing duets and playing the occasional marimba or glockenspiel if they can get their hands on it!

Our Curriculum

Music is about community, listening, and trying new things.  Children learn through our curriculum in a natural and fun way.  First and foremost, it is important to spark a love for music.   The next step is to teach essentials like rhythm, coordination and listening skills.  Children come away from our classes having deepened these skills in an engaging environment! 

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