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What Parents Are Saying




We love Storysong! Katie is amazing and my son loves her and her music so much.


Wonderful, engaging class. Wholesome 30 minutes of music for little ones.


Storysong is a wonderful music experience for my toddler. She is so engaged in the songs, different musical instruments and loves to dance. Highly recommended!


My daughter has been attending Storysong since before she was a year old. She’s now almost 2 and we’re still going strong. She loves asking in the morning if we’re going to “class” as she calls it. When we pull in to the parking lot she starts clapping enthusiastically! The instructor Katie is so warm and lovely. We love the predictability of some songs but also with enough variety to keep each week fresh. Thanks Katie for the wonderful experience!!


Free on Tuesday mornings and have a little one? The 30 minute music class with my toddler granddaughter was a hit for both of us. Katie, musician extraordinaire, kept us singing, clapping, stomping, dancing, and twirling for the entire time!


Loved this music class for my 2 year old. She’s never been in daycare so she doesn’t get much exposure to other kids/environments so it was a great way to get her out. She loved the class, and we will be signing her up again!


Such an amazing experience. I think I enjoyed the music classes as much as my child did. So much talent!


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